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5 Ways to Entertain Children on Yachts

5 Ways to Entertain Children on Yachts


A cruise on board a yacht in the UAE can be one of the most luxurious and memorable experiences of your life. You will be able to get away from the stress and strain of work life and truly enjoy your time spent in the sun. The summer has begun to show its fury, and this is the perfect time to gather your family and charter a yacht. However, when traveling with children on board yachts, it might be hard to keep them entertained and happy during the voyage. Here are some handy tips on how to keep a young one indulged while on a yacht.

Carry their Toys

When you are at home, a child’s toys can be a nuisance, and you will find them scattered everywhere requiring regular cleanup. Kids can become uncomfortable in new environments so when you bring them onboard a yacht, bring all your child’s favorite toys. It will keep them occupied during the journey and also help you relax with your wife or significant other.

Your child can help you plan the places you want to visit

Ahoy! Captain

Children love to drive toy cars from a very young age and are enthusiastic about anything that has to do with travel. While on a yacht, one of the best ways to ensure they have fun is to make them dress up as captain and take the wheel. Be sure to tell the captain and crew in advance and also get a tour of the captain’s quarters for your kid.

Watch Movies

Movies are one way to make sure that children stay glued to one place. You can pop in a good movie and let them watch it from the bed which will give you enough time to do some adult things. Make sure they are watching ocean-themed films which will allow them to have an idea of yachts in general.

 Cruise is the perfect opportunity to teach your young ones about the history of the UAE

Let Them Doodle on the Map

While on your travel, you can share a map of the places you will visit and let the children doodle their memories onto the paper. Kids love drawing, and there is no better way to increase their IQ level than by allowing them to scribble. Your child can help you plan the places you want to visit and draw the Burj Al Arab or the Marina. These drawings can be used to build a scrapbook which is excellent for reminiscence.

Teach Some History

Most children, irrespective of whether they are on vacation or not, are never fond of learning. However, a luxury cruise presents itself as the perfect opportunity to teach your young ones about the history of the UAE. It is the ‘Year of Zayed,’ so why not start with that and inform them about the country’s great leader. You can also use this opportunity to teach them about the different kinds of yachts so that they’ll get a better understanding of the vessel.


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