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All You Need to Know About Yacht Charter Costs

All You Need to Know About Yacht Charter Costs


Getting the best yacht charter deal at the best prices adds to the sailing fun. Apart from the basic charges, the final cost mainly depends on various factors and additional services charges. As per the terms in your contract provided by the rental company, the final amount may also change slightly. It is essential to choose the right company with easy regulations and the right vessel to get the best yacht rental in Dubai within your budget. However, the yacht charter cost is widely influenced by the following factors:

Base Fare

This is the base yacht rental price inclusive of various service charges included in the rental company’s contract. The base fee is determined by various factors like yacht size, amenities, and more. The base fare may vary and increase right from smaller motor yachts to larger luxury yachts. However, the base fee may also be altered by the low and high season time.

High Season

As the name suggests, high season defines the crucial time when yacht chartering is much in demand. The season time for yacht charter will differ according to countries and their various geographic conditions. In case of any popular events or celebration close to marine spots or regions, the price of a yacht charter may also go high. In order to plan a yacht charter during this time, you must inquire in advance and also make bookings early at a comparatively lower price.

Low Season

Low season basically refers to the common non-seasonal time, causing reduction in prices due to low demand. Rental companies offer yacht charter at amazing prices during this season that can help you plan an amazing fun trip with your loved ones at affordable rates. In this off-season time, you will able to enjoy around a 20-30 percent reduction in the yacht charter prices.


The contract mainly differs based on the region in which you are cruising. Like the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association contract have a plus-all expenses system which considers every charges like for beverages, food and fuel as additional. The Caribbean Terms Inclusive contract usually involves smaller yachts, where the costs cover most of the charges.


Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

APA includes a lumpsum amount given as a deposit to the yacht captain. The charterer uses this money gradually to manage the expenses on board including, fuel, dockage, among other. The APA payment is an advance that can be determined through an estimation of expenses that you can ask from the yacht rental company.


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