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Arrange Your Dream Wedding on a Luxury Yacht

Arrange Your Dream Wedding on a Luxury Yacht


Weddings are the most special moments of our lives. Whether you are the groom or bride, the occasion is exhilarating and timeless. However, the wedding preparations can get time-consuming and extremely stressful. This is from deciding the bridal dress, venue, theme to the usual guest list and decor. The traditional wedding venues can get repetitive. Seven Yachts provides you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding vows on a luxury yacht. Dubai is popular for many reasons and yacht tradition is one of them. Our crew and interiors team will directly coordinate with you for all the essential preparations. We offer key tips and guidelines for the perfect wedding celebration.

Consider the Big Picture

You should ensure not to divide your wedding preparation, instead, consider the big picture. When the initial preparations are being carried out, visit the yacht that you have booked for your special day. This way you will be able to picture everything in your head and craft your ideas accordingly. It includes the theme, décor, color schemes, table arrangements and more.

Dream Decoration

As mentioned earlier, everyone has a certain vision in mind for their big wedding day. Seven Yachts will turn your dream decorations into reality. For example, a stunning floral and table arrangements with the desired color palette. We welcome you to consult our team to execute the entire wedding plan on the luxury yacht in the best possible way.


The wedding invitations hold the expectations of the entire celebration.  They should portray the essence of serenity and anticipation for all the guests invited. The opportunity to arrange a yacht wedding will be new and exciting for both the guests and the couple, so ensure to highlight the venue on the card.

The Dress Attire

The wedding attire and theme is the most stressful decision for the couple to make. All options need to be considered from the color schemes to the weather and lighting. We advise couples to keep the dress vibrant and the fabric comfortable, as they shall be exposed to direct sunlight and strong oceanic winds.


Seven Yachts comprises of luxury yachts with fully air conditioned lower deck and an open upper deck plan. She can accommodate up to 250 people onboard. This lavish structure can be best decorated with your own wedding theme and decorations as desired. The yachts are well equipped with audio-visual and power system on board that assists any additional sounding requirements needed for DJs, live bands or any other screenings.


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