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Beginner’s Guide: What to Take on a Sailing Trip

Beginner’s Guide: What to Take on a Sailing Trip


Planning on a sailing vacation and wondering what you must pack? Stress no more, we have put a list together for your convenience. Sailing vacations are extremely relaxing without the hassles of checking into hotels, moving from place to place, and having to pack and unpack your bags every time you do so.

You don’t need to stress anymore, and we have customized a list to help you stay prepared for a 7-day sailing holiday. You can also consider booking with some of the best yacht rental companies in Dubai. There are also numerous cheap boat rental available in Dubai. Get out!

Of course, there are certain suggestions that are especially important, like carrying your visa, passport, tickets, phone, ATM cards, and more. Apart from this, let’s look at all the items that you must make sure you pack.

Shoes that Are Soft-Soled

Don’t go out and purchase fancy shoes. However, we must mention that there is some really cool footwear available in stores. Pack a pair of shoes that have a rubber sole. This will help to avoid scuff marks. It also offers a good grip, keeping you from falling and slipping.


We recommend carrying a bag that is soft to accommodate your tanning lotion, travel lingerie, bikinis, and more. Soft bags are able to carry more items in comparison to hard suitcases. Soft bags also require minimum storage space. Furthermore, these bags are available in various fabrics and colors. They are also user-friendly and convenient to clean.


Consider packing clothes that are lightweight because most of the time you will find yourself in a swimsuit. Women should consider carrying no more than three tank tops or tee shirts, two pairs of shorts, and two dresses. Men can consider carrying three shots and five t-shirts. This is more than enough for a 7 day’s vacation.

Wind Protection

You also need to pack clothes that you could use in case the climate changes. Many times, we get busy packing clothes that are suitable for the sun. However, do pack a windbreaker, cardigan, or pullover. You might need it.


Be sure to pack undergarments for each day. You do not want to find yourself washing and drying undergarments while on your holiday.


Swimwear is usually light and small, so women should consider packing a minimum of two and a maximum of five. Men must consider packing at least 3 speedos or even broad shorts, whatever you’re comfortable wearing.

Skin Protection

Skin Protection

Ladies, do consider packing a wide hat, while men can pack a cap. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen lotion because these lotions are extremely expensive if purchased on an island.


Towels made from microfiber are an ideal choice as they dry quickly. If the rental company offers towels, there’s no need, if not try and carry at least two towels.


Make sure you pack the charger and batteries for your camera along with an additional memory card. You can capture fond memories that you can reminisce about for a lifetime.


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