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Dining on Deck: Seven Perfect Foods on the Sea Voyage

Dining on Deck: Seven Perfect Foods on the Sea Voyage


Are you stalking up your yacht with groceries? Is it your first time? This guide is meant for you as we have certain helpful tips with regard to stocking your pantry before setting sail. You will also find many boat charter services that could help you enjoy a private yacht charter in Dubai Marina.

If you decide to sail for a couple of days, then the following list will be extremely helpful.

Nonperishable Items

Non-perishable products are staples and important to keep on your yacht. They include

Canned foods like sauces, soups, etc.  Cereals, Sugar, Powdered milk, Lentils, Pasta, and rice

Tip 1: You could avoid carrying bread. We recommend buying it fresh at any supermarket. Other things include bagels, muffins, etc., that tend to get bad quickly on account of the humid climate on the boat.

Tip 2: Snacks and nonperishable items are important, try to make your purchases from the bulk segment as it can help you to save plenty of money.

Tip 3: Staples that include grains and beans can also be purchased at certain destination ports. It also depends on the destination you’re heading toward; some places are cheaper than home.

Nonperishable Items


It is especially important for you to carry snacks on your boating trip. Swimming and watersports make you hungry and holding some snacks could be an excellent option. Don’t forget to carry your favorite snacks. We have a few suggestions.

Chocolate, Popcorn, Pudding cups, Dried fruits, etc.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to carry glass containers and reusable plastic, which are excellent storage solutions. Clips for the chip bag as well as zip lock bags come in extremely handy to keep your food and snacks fresh, especially while you’re at sea.


Be careful while packing condiments because you will have limited fridge space as well as cupboards. But condiments have a good shelf life, so maybe you could spare a little space for them. Pack items that you need for cooking a certain dish that you would like to eat on board, and you feel you could not find it in another country. We have made a list of a few basic condiments that are included.

Basil and oregano vinegar, Pepper, and salt.  Cooking oil Jam and peanut butter.  Mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.  Curry powder Grilling sauces Soy sauce

Tip 5: Carry spices in lesser amounts and store them in zip lock bags to avoid carrying bottles.

Fresh Food

You could pack fresh products; however, it is ideal only for shorter trips. Try and carry fresh products that would last over 2 weeks, they include garlic, onions, citrus fruits, and apples. We discourage carrying avocados and bananas. You will find these products at ports depending on the destination. Cheese is also an excellent choice; you can store it in the fridge. In addition, you could also store curd, eggs, and butter.


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