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Enhance Your Family Yacht Trip With These Tips

Enhance Your Family Yacht Trip With These Tips


Family holidays are special occasions that build foundational memories in the ever-changing landscape of the mental and emotional development of a child. What better way than to plan a yacht trip, and sail around islands so close to nature in the sparkling blue ocean. If you are busy chalking out a plan for your family to rent a yacht, here are our tips to help make life easier on board and ensure you’ll have a great time.

Charter A Yacht with Friends

These two options make the perfect combination. Whether you plan on chartering a private yacht, or hiring a professional skipper, having your friends along ensure you all have a gala time onboard. All you have to do is seek a yacht that comes equipped with all the amenities and has the required amount of rooms. When you have friends along, your kids will be entertained throughout the journey. It further allows you a peaceful journey onboard.

Life Jackets

Safety should be a top priority when you have children along. When sailing with kids, either bring your life jackets or inform your yacht rental provider beforehand so they can provide one which fits them correctly.

Safety should be a top priority

Follow the Rules

While this factor is a given, we still believe it’s essential to have it written here. Establish simple safety rules for your children and ensure they adhere to them. Apart from this, the captain will also provide a brief on the safety rules and regulations before heading out. Sit down with your children, speak to them, and explain why it’s essential to follow them. Explain the consequences if they don’t follow the instructions provided.


If you or your children have motion or seasickness, we recommend bringing in medicines for the same. Either pop one before sailing or carry it along in case you start to feel uneasy midway. Another pro-tip – it’s better to sit in the cockpit, in the fresh air, so you don’t feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic.

Food Allergies

If you have requested for the yacht’s catering service, it is better to inform them in advance regarding any allergies or particular requirements. Apart from this, you can always stock up on snacks such as cereal bars, vegetable sticks, fruits, chocolates, biscuits, and other foods. Do not forget to carry water as well.

Chartering a yacht with family


While the idea behind chartering a yacht with your family and friends is to relax and take a detox from social media and your digital devices, downloading a good movie to watch, or installing a game, may seem useful during a downtime. Alternatively, you could opt for traditional entertainment sources such as playing cards, coloring books, age-appropriate reading books, and many other travel-sized games. You could also assign various tasks to your kids while onboard, which also works as a great learning technique.


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