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Essential Yacht Survival Guidelines

Essential Yacht Survival Guidelines


Luxury Yachts truly deliver the sensation of excitement and wonder. However, there are particular risks that need to be dealt with beforehand. This is achieved through cautious planning, preparation, common sense, and sailing knowledge. These vital factors will minimize the risks and maximize the enjoyment of your expedition. Safety should never be taken for granted. Seven Yachts advises to follow these simple yachting guidelines and keep safe yachting practices at all times to minimize your chances of having an accident.

Prepare a Yacht Safety Checklist

When deciding to get the yacht out on the water or start-up that engine; it pays to take some time to go over a simple checklist. This includes:

  • Check Engine & Fuel Levels.
  • Inspect for faulty leakage of oils or coolant.
  • Examine lighting and wiring of the yacht.
  • Always test out your radio and communication devices.
  • Check the weather updates before taking the yacht out
  • Go over your emergency plan

Necessary Items to Bring

The yacht should be thoroughly examined on its size, type, and the amount of yacht stands available. Its engine racks should be inspected before the yacht is taken out on the sea.

Some of the things that you need to have can include:

  • Your boat registration and certificate
  • Insurance policy paperwork for towing
  • A personal flotation device for each passenger
  • Fire extinguisher that is charged and functioning properly
  • Complete emergency and survival kit that is fully stocked

1.    Make Proper Use of Lifejackets

The majority of drowning victims are usually the result of passengers not wearing a life jacket. We insist to ensure that your family and friends are assigned and fitted with a flotation jacket prior to departure.

2.  Minimal Alcohol Intake

We advise practicing yacht safety at all times by reducing the alcohol consumption. The likelihood of being involved in a yacht accident increases when alcohol is involved. Studies have shown that the effects of high amounts of alcohol are intensified by sun and wind.

3.  Learn to Swim

If you’re going to be in and around the water, appropriate yacht safety involves knowing how to swim. This could be beneficial to avoid any possible drowning or save any lives in case of accidents in water.

Nevertheless, yacht trips are one of the best ways to enjoy nature, explore, and experience a fun challenge outdoors. The process of preparation beforehand will help in being assertive for both family and friends. Seven Yachts comprises with some of the top-quality luxury yachts with certified security. We reassure all our clients on extra precautionary methods and safety guidelines before the final confirmation of yacht charter.


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