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Four Engaging Water Sport Activities to Try This Summe

Four Engaging Water Sport Activities to Try This Summe


Dubai summers are known to be hottest in the Middle Eastern region. What better way to cool of the brutal heat than to indulge in some exciting new watersports. Make most of out of the vast Dubai coastline waters with these high-end popular water sports that elevate your vacation to a much thrilling experience!

The Sea Bob

Sea Bob is amongst the most advanced water sports technology available to date. The craft weighs around 35 kg and enables high-speed movement underwater. The equipment is also second to none when it comes to handling and maneuverability underwater. Sea Bobs do not operate on a fixed speed; they can be sped-up or slowed down quickly by shifting through the power levels. You should opt to undertake this activity to witness the aquatic wildlife of Dubai’s crystal-clear waters. If you are hoping to add some action, adrenaline, and excitement to your vacation in the Emirate, then try your hand at this innovative sport.

SUP serves best for those travelers who prefer a relaxing and calm sport

Paddle Board

Dubai’s fierce summer is just around the corner. If you want to cool-down yet enjoy a day out on the beach, then why not try your hand at paddle boarding? The stand-up paddleboard (SUP) watersport is one of the best activities to satisfy your adrenaline urges and also explore the Emirati coastline. SUP serves best for those travelers who prefer a relaxing and calm sport. SUP uses a surf style board and a long wooden/plastic paddle to cut across water. Paddle boarding can be termed as more or less a cross between canoeing and surfing. The sport is not limited to just one area but can be done on various water bodies such as flatwater lakes and beaches to open waters and surfing waves.

The Banana Boat is the best watersport to ever grazed on the ocean waters

Banana Boating

The Banana Boat rides could be the best watersport to ever grazed on the ocean waters. It conveys the ecstasy of a jet ski with a twist. This ride has 6 people at one go and pulled at a considerable speed for an exciting and scenic drive. The Banana Boat takes you a couple of miles down the coast, and then offshore to provide a spectacular view of the entire ocean coast. This sport is often underestimated and can be a jarring ride, so hang on!

Donut Ride

The new Donut ride has pioneered into the development of leading watersport. It’s parallel to what the banana boat ride offers but with a “spin”.

This ride usually takes place on a large body of water mainly at an open sea. One or more persons settle on a donut-shaped inflatable, leash their tubes to a powered motorboat and are hauled through the waters at an immense speed. The speed and manner in which this occurs are usually addressed as per the riders’ request. Hence, children are usually given the ride at a low, safer pace while thrill seekers usually elect to be towed at a faster speed until one them usually plunge into the seawater.


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