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Fun Activities for the Whole Family on a Boat Charter

Fun Activities for the Whole Family on a Boat Charter


Are you planning a fun vacation with your family on a chartered boat? Well, we must say today’s luxury yachts have plenty of exciting activities to engage the entire family. I’m sure most of you are aware of the activities conducted to keep the guests occupied. Some of the common activities are floaties, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and delicious meals. If you are wondering, what can you do in the remaining time especially if the trip is for over 2 weeks. don’t stress we have put together some exciting entertainment that will come in handy for long journeys and excellent for making fond memories.

If you haven’t booked your vacation, you can easily private boat hire or a luxury yacht at Dubai Marina. So, let’s take a quick look at some fun activities.

Water Toys

If your children are grown and the boat has sufficient space to take on the equipment then you can enjoy tubing, kneeboarding, and water skiing. You could also rent this equipment allowing you to try out the equipment without committing to a particular one. You could also consider snorkeling as it is an excellent activity for every age group and lots to learn.

Paddleboards and Kayaks

These weapons can also be rented easily if you don’t own one. It is an excellent way to get some work-out while holidaying, help you to expedite channels, and challenge yourself with what is docked four sometimes.


While sailing if you meet people, you could always ask them to join you in drafting. This would involve tethering two boats while all of you enjoy. If you guys end up having fun, you could always meet up once again to raft.

Visit the Beach

Visit the Beach

If everyone is excited to go to the beach you could plan a picnic, at the shore. Plan other fun activities like playing ball, gathering seashells, crabbing, and building sandcastles. Depending on the destination you may even find excellent hiking trails close by.

Visit Marinas

When you visit numerous marinas, you come across other boaters, in turn learning a lot about the local place. Try to visit marinas that have restaurants with play areas. The restaurant mostly includes free docking and the children enjoy visiting a new place with a playground. You can also walk along the dock and look at several types of boats.


Yes, that’s correct, when you’ve had a lot of these activities at sea you can also enjoy some old fashion golfing at the port. You can carry your putting green Giving it a traditional look. It can be exciting and fun, hitting golf balls that are biodegradable into the sea.

Scavenger Hunt

This game engages the entire family, all you need to do is give the family a list of things that they would need to show you while on the trip. Keep a prize for the one who finds every item on the list. You could add items like houseboats, seabirds, whales, and more.


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