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Fun Games to Play Onboard

Fun Games to Play Onboard


While most people find the yacht trip to be an exciting endeavor in itself, while some think of it as just a recreational activity, whatever your reason may be, you can turn it into an enjoyable experience, by not limiting your imagination. Whether you enjoy participating in the activity or want to be a spectator, there is always something that will intrigue you, bring out your inner competitiveness, or enjoy the moment. When on land, you have plenty of room to play almost any game; however, playing on the water brings a whole new dimension to the boat fun. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some exhilarating games, some with a twist, to ensure you have a fun journey onboard.

Treasure Hunt

You can’t rent a yacht and not play treasure hunt. Keep your guests entertained in this enthralling game by using basic items such as ornaments, sunglasses, shells, and beer huggers. You don’t even need genuine treasure when playing this game. You start the game by hiding the treasure in the yacht and create multiple clues that will lead them to it. You can turn the game into an exciting activity by designing the area and the clues in a nautical theme. The treasure could either be vouchers for a seafood restaurant or goodie bags for the kids. Ensure there’s an actual prize to keep everyone motivated and on their toes.

The games will make your yacht trip an enjoyable experience


I-spy is a classic game that has gotten several friends and families through a long drive. It can surely work wonders in bringing your bot alive as well. It’s also an ideal ice breaker for awkward situations. The best part about this game is that it only requires your imagination and no equipment or materials per se. If you are thorough with the route, you can preplan the list of landmarks or other exciting features that you will come across during the journey and make clues for the same. To prevent the game from turning into a tiresome event, we recommend playing it in turns.

Jump Deck Contest

This game is one of the most popular games amongst those with unique features who also enjoy a big splash in the pool. Routinely offered in cruises around a pool, it involves a face-off between passengers and sometimes the crew members on issues such as who has a big belly or a mole on their finger, among other qualities. It’s the perfect excuse to bring out the child within you and have a little fun with your friends. You can also add some music or create your own rules to take it a notch higher.

In Conclusion

There is a plethora of games available for you to play even on water. It includes fun games such as Pictionary or other board games. With a few amendments, you can turn a game that is ideal for playing on land equally enjoyable to play on the sea.


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