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Guide to Help You for Your Next Fishing Trip

Guide to Help You for Your Next Fishing Trip


Fishing is an engaging activity in coastal countries and serves to be a popular tourist attraction. Thus, fishing is pretty famous, and several private boat charters offer fishing activities in Dubai, owing to its rising demand. However, it is crucial to know the documents you must possess to fish in Dubai. You must also be careful of the places you visit for fishing and check if fishing is allowed there. Dubai has become increasingly concerned and aware of the depletion of ecosystems and hence is undertaking several measures to protect them. Thus, you cannot be ignorant while fishing and must ensure that you do not unnecessarily harm the environment. Here are some of the most crucial things to consider while fishing, especially beneficial for beginners and tourists.

Do You Have a Fishing License?

If you are eager to fish in Dubai, you must have a fishing license. Remember, everybody cannot go fishing. The country has undertaken preventive measures to conserve specific fish species, limiting fishing activities. Mostly the residents and the citizens of Dubai can apply for a fishing license. However, if you want to experience such an activity as a tourist, a private boat charter might help. These offer fishing activities as a part of their right and are authorized. It would be best to avoid fishing without a private yacht charter in Dubai Marina, especially if you do not have a license.

Recreational Fishing License

If you plan to stay in Dubai for a short period, you can apply for a recreational fishing license. A recreational fishing license is valid for a year and has no application charges. However, you must have specific documents like your passport, proof claiming you are a resident of Dubai, your job contract, and a high-resolution photo. You might also be required to submit a boat license that permits recreational fishing during boating. You can submit your offer letter or any proof of employment if you are yet to join but have a potential offer to do so. Remember, fishing in Dubai is fun but has several restrictions, and you must abide by them.

Look for the Best Fishing Spots in Dubai

Being located along the sea, Dubai has plenty of fishing options. However, you must consider several factors while selecting the best fishing spot. Some waters or coasts might be dangerous for you as a novice, and it would be best to avoid them. Dubai also has specific regions with endangered fish, and it would be best to avoid these places strictly. Places like Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Garhoud Bridge, and Jumeira are Dubai’s most popular fishing spots.

Look for the Best Fishing Spots in Dubai

Ideal Fishing Season in Dubai

Selecting the correct season is crucial if you want to have a memorable fishing experience in Dubai. You can fish throughout the year in Dubai. However, the kind of fish you find would vary. For instance, you can fish a lot of Tuna and Mackerel between October and May. Further, the Autumn and Winter season is a pleasant time to fish, allowing you to avoid the sultry summers of Dubai. However, the summer season is apt for catching some sailfish and queenfish.


Fishing is a fun activity but might initially be boring or challenging for beginners. It is, therefore, crucial to know several essential factors about fishing in Dubai and ensure you follow all the fishing guidelines. Remember, though this activity can bring a lot of pleasure and entertainment, you must not disrupt the ecosystem. It would be best to avoid catching too many fishes or freeing them in their natural habitat immediately after you catch them. Thus, it is crucial to be careful and compassionate while fishing. Book a private yacht charter in Dubai Marina for a session.


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