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Guidelines for a BBQ on a Yacht

Guidelines for a BBQ on a Yacht


No experience can beat that of sailing through the sea whilst enjoying freshly barbecued meat. There is nothing more delightful than having to chew on succulent meat while cruising through the beautiful waters in your luxury yacht charter Dubai. That being said, you need to be very cautious when grilling on the yacht, or you might cause serious damage to yourself or the boat. Here we’ve compiled a list of things you ought to be aware of when you BBQ on the yacht.

There is a variety of boat grills available, each with distinctive features. These include electric grill, propane grill and charcoal grill. Choose the grill based on your budget and requirements for the BBQ.

It is vital to take the boat’s size into consideration prior to purchasing the grill. There is no point in buying a grill that won’t fit in the yacht.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grill on yach

While the traditional process of grilling involved the use of charcoal, it did come with several issues attached to it. You would have to carry the bag of charcoal, and also ensure it stayed dry on the yacht. Furthermore, it was essential to let the charcoal burn before you can begin cooking over it. Albeit, charcoal is readily available in the market and doesn’t require additional fluid when lighting it, further reducing the possibility of any accident or spills. We recommend buying stainless-steel grills that are round in shape, as they can easily be clamped with the handrail. It is perfect to bring a grill like this on the yacht, as it can be attached to the rail of the boat, preventing ashes from falling in the boat.

Propane Grill

Apart from the charcoal grill, now the propane grill is also widely available for a BBQ on a yacht. It comes in different sizes and can easily feed a crowd of 20. It is the most preferred choice when going on a sail, as its comparatively cheaper and also easy to store.

Electric Grill

Electric grill on yach

It is ideal to have an electric grill when you have an electric source or generator. It is comparatively higher in cost, and the electricity amounts around 10 amps.


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