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How to Be Responsible While Yachting

How to Be Responsible While Yachting


Although yachting is an enjoyable activity that you can do with family and friends on a chartered yacht, they can be detrimental to the environment if done carelessly. Now to ensure you are being responsible whilst having fun, we bring to you five simple way to continue keeping our ocean beautiful and marine life safe. We also discuss how to behave when on the yacht.

Don’t Litter

This is a problem almost every yacht rental has to face regularly. The amount of litter that washes up to the boat ramps is saddening and overwhelming, so avoid doing so at all costs. In order to keep both the yacht and ocean debris-free, always keep the litter with you or in a bag till you are able to dispose them off properly. Neither the ocean nor the yacht is a garbage bin.

Obey the Captain

The captain is responsible for all its passengers, and so it’s important to obey the orders provided by them. They’re professionals and understand how everything works, so you need to trust them and follow their instructions. Failing to comply may lead to mishaps or accidents.

Use the Right Sunscreen

Yes, you read that right, and may also be wondering how is that relevant. Allow us to throw some light on this. Many of you may not be aware of this, but some sunscreens contain a specific ingredient that may be harmful to the coral reef. The next time you plan on renting a yacht, make sure you carry a sunscreen that doesn’t have oxybenzone in it.

Use the Right Sunscreen

Disposal of The Fishing Line

If you are considering fishing while on the chartered yacht, you may want to be careful as to where you dispose your fishing line. Avoid throwing it straight into the river as its marine creatures may easily get tangled and die of suffocation. It is advisable to either discard it in an appropriate bin or simply use a regular bin.

Treat the Crew with Respect

The crew and captain work hard and strive to surpass customer’s expectations. They aim at delivering a pleasant experience and so are willing to address to all your requests. In return all they ask is for you to respect them and be humble and polite. Just like you, they too don’t want to have an unpleasant or bad experience. So, the next time you charter a yacht, ensure you present a benevolent and respectful attitude.


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