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How to Know If You’re Qualified for a Bareboat Yacht Charter

How to Know If You’re Qualified for a Bareboat Yacht Charter


If you are an adventurous person and are willing to undertake a sailing vacation, you need to consider many things. Further, if you want to have a private experience without a caretaker loitering at your back, you need to make yourself suitable for it before you are allowed to do so.

Bareboat Yacht Charter sailing vacation allows you to have a private yacht all by yourself to enjoy a water adventure. However, safety is the most crucial factor that needs to be looked into when sailing on your own in your chosen destination. Here are a few essential factors to consider while checking if you qualify for a bareboat yacht charter.

Finding Right Destination

Information about local cruising ground and wind systems is available on many destination pages. Such pages provide detailed information about the kind and level of experience required for the destination that you are willing to visit. They can be reliable sources for making sure you are qualified for a bareboat yacht charter or not. A yacht charter in Dubai Marina or the Palm Jumeirah is best for relaxing vacations. The Nikki Beach and the World Island are best suited for sailors who avoid an energetic sail. The Sir Bani Yas Island is suitable for a fast sailing experience.

Accredited Sailing License

You do not generally need a bareboat charter certification for most destinations. However, it is expected that you have experience in sailing a boat. It is not mandatory for most places, but specific destinations need you to have a license. At the same time, all the destinations don’t have the exact requirements. The requirements for licensing vary from place to place. Every destination has its specific needs. If leaving for a destination, make sure you have done your research and met the criteria.

Places That Might Require a Certificate

Specific destinations in the Mediterranean require bareboat charter certification. The certificate must be authenticated by an officially recognized organization, such as the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or something similar. Certain pages have guides that provide destination-based information regarding the requirement of a recognized sailing license. The local authorities demand proof of the skipper’s bareboat yacht sailing proficiency. The willing person needs to carry the original copies of the bareboat certification with them for authentication check. Therefore, it is a mandatory prerequisite for visitors to carry their authentic documents before flying alone. Make sure you check that the bareboat charter certification that you have is accepted by the country you are sailing in or not. If you don’t have one, you will have to take a Skipper who often has excellent local knowledge and can provide the best recommendations for local networks to spend your vacation.

Places That Might Require a Certificate

Developing Sailing Credentials

If you want to get a qualification in sailing a bareboat yacht charter or upgrade your sailing skills, there are many options for doing a certified course.

Most of the courses are easy and do not require much of your energy and time. One needs to fulfill only specific requirements. The following are some of the requirements:

  • You are required to pass an easy assessment test.
  • You will sit for the assessment after attending relevant classes.
  • You are also expected to know about sailing a boat of a similar size.
  • Furthermore, you should also have recent experiences in sailing.

These are the very few requirements that any sailing course demands. If you are looking for one, you need to worry about these basics.


Once you have made sure that you fulfill all the above requirements, you are all set to go. Start with considering the kind of vacation that you want. Once done, check the conditions and, if needed, get your certification course done. It will not be much of a pain, especially if you have much experience in sailing. With it, you are all ready for a Bareboat Yacht Charter.


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