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Interesting Sea Activities To Take Up In Dubai

Interesting Sea Activities To Take Up In Dubai


Imagine renting a stylish formula 1 yacht charter Abu Dhabi and enjoying the scenic wonders of the sea during summer in the UAE. It will be one of your most memorable moments in the country. Although summertime at your home can be a bit tiring, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the unseen beauty of the sea. Various yacht chartering companies offer a wide range of choices while chartering luxurious yachts, such as multiple food items and beverages. Characterized by popular beaches, you must try the following fun-filled water activities at least once.

Dinner Cruise

Summer evenings in Dubai can’t be more exciting than an experience on a high-end dinner cruise. Sailing on the sparkling waters, you can enjoy with your family or friends over the cruise decks and capture the mesmerizing scene of the sun going behind the sea. These cruises have a well-built kitchen area that serves freshly prepared meals for dinner to satiate your tastebuds. You can also avail of customized meals according to the cruise package you choose and also avail additional beverages of your choice to make the evening splendid.

Fishing Trip

This can be an amazing experience, especially for tourist on vacation to Dubai. The ever-exciting fishing trips can always let you experience something new. During summers, going off on fishing trips in the ideal yachts will provide the enjoyment of angling in the clear and shining seawaters. As the climate tends to be more plain during summers, the atmosphere tends to be suitable for easy fish-catching. The abundant aquatic life in Gulf waters can offer a great time testing your angling skills, and also, you can opt for an onboard barbeque set-up in your cruise boat to double the fun.

Fishing Trip in Dubai

Yacht Trip

Yachting in Dubai is something you should not miss, as it is unique and quite affordable here compared to other parts of the world. With varied modern yachts and special packages available for renting will be an extremely pleasurable experience. The professional yacht chartering companies offer specific packages according to your purpose, menu and other requirements. You can plan a lovely summer party with barbeque, games and music on a speedy yacht. The captain riding the yacht are well-versed with the sea routes, and thus you can enjoy carefree on board.


Dubai has become a popular site for various water sports in its spectacular beaches and vast coastline. Whether you wish to go on adventurous jet skiing or experience your first parasailing, summers are the best time. For kids and sensitive people, a banana ride or donut ride will be much joyful.


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