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Is it Now Safe to Charter a Yacht in Dubai?

Is it Now Safe to Charter a Yacht in Dubai?


Whether you are an experienced yacht rental guest or are considering booking your first trip onboard, the outbreak of the coronavirus has surely put a brake for many across the globe. However, now with the new announcement of yacht rentals being allowed to resume in Dubai, you may be caught between various thoughts such as safety, restrictions, and social distancing, amongst others. We understand the situation and therefore put together this guide regarding whether it is now safe to rent a yacht in Dubai.

Limited Exposure

With an end-to-end private transport, you are assured of not having to interact with the public. If you’re concerned about commuting, consider opting for taxis, so you won’t be much in contact with members of the public. The flexibility of the yacht charter additionally allows you to choose your destination. Avoid crowded areas on land and opt for tranquil locations such as the beach or hidden gems in the region. Apart from this, the number of passengers excluding the crew shouldn’t exceed five.

Limited Onboard Crew

Post the outbreak of the COVID-19, only a limited number of crew members are on board, further preventing the potential exposure to the virus. Crew members who live onboard, also limit their contact as much as possible. In fact, now they are extra vigilant and cautious and trying various methods to keep the virus at bay.

Extra Vigilant and Cautious Crew

Clean Environment

With the new rule in place, yachts in Dubai have to mandatorily be sanitized completely, both before and after a trip. The sanitization process is in fact much easier for boats when compared to other alternatives. What’s more, is, now the staff spend more time on sterilizing the space, keeping it ready for their guests. From the guest area to the area for the crews, every spot is cleaned to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Enjoy Quality Self-Time

With the option of sailing on the beautiful blue ocean against magnificent buildings, yachts are like small water havens. You don’t even need to be onshore, except if it is the end of your trip. But for the most part, you can spend as much time as you want, enjoy a luxury and alfresco style dining with a view, play with the water toys, and lastly, make the most of the amenities provided.

Final Thoughts

While self-isolation and being staying in is recommended, by abiding by all the safety rules and regulations, you sure can have a great time onboard. It also works as a great stress-reliever and brings your mind and body to a calm and relaxed mode, which is a definite need in this pandemic situation.


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