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Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Go Boating?

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Go Boating?


Boating can be a fun and relaxing activity for pregnant women. Unlike popular myths, boat rides are not risky if you take necessary precautions and hire the best yacht rental in Dubai. These private boat charters in Dubai ensure you continuously attend and have all the required amenities. Thus, there is no complication in sporting a joyous boat ride during pregnancy. However, such rides can get dangerous under specific circumstances. For instance, if you do not rest and strain yourself during the ride or your due date is near.

Furthermore, it would be best to undertake certain precautions while going for a boat ride, which requires considerable planning. Here are some factors to consider while going for a boat ride during your pregnancy. Keeping these in mind would ensure your and your baby’s safety.

Plan Your Yacht Ride Carefully

If you plan a boat ride with all the precautionary measures in mind, it is perfectly fine during pregnancy. Make sure you carry enough food and stay hydrated. It would be best to take the items you need to prevent getting off the boat at multiple shores. These activities can lead to exertion and be tiring for pregnant women. Pregnant women must also avoid traveling alone on a boat for safety reasons. If you plan the boat ride and carry the essentials, a boat ride can relax pregnant women.

Avoid Rides Close to Your Due Date

While boat rides can be a relaxing and engaging activity during pregnancy, it is safe only during the initial stages. It would be best to avoid boat rides if your due date is nearing. You never know when your labor pain begins, and you have to rush to the hospital. Though most private boat charters in Dubai have a doctor-on-call service, they can only help you with the primary treatment. Thus, such facilities benefit minor illnesses but cannot tackle labor pains. Hence, one must be careful while traveling.

Avoid Rides Close To Your Due Date

Avoid Walking on the Boat

The best yacht rentals in Dubai have comfortable seats where you can relax, and there is no need to move here and there. Pregnant women must be cautious while going on an adventurous boat ride. While minor fun activities are alright, it would be best to be seated at one place and enjoy the surroundings instead of moving around. You must avoid walking while on the boat because pregnancy can affect your balance. Remember, tripping can be fatal for you and your baby.

Avoid Boat Rides If You Suffer from Seasickness

Seasickness is quite common amongst many, and one can tackle this through taking appropriate medicines or keeping themselves engaged in various activities. However, this can get worse if you are pregnant. Most pregnant women suffer from morning sickness and feel nauseated during the daytime. Seasickness can increase your nausea, and you might throw up plenty of times. Furthermore, you must avoid any medications to prevent seasickness as they might not be recommended during pregnancy. Thus, it would be best to avoid boat rides if you suffer from seasickness.

Look for a Shade

Yachts might have ample open areas, but pregnant women must look for a shade to sit while the boat sails. They must avoid direct sunlight as it can make them sick or dehydrated. A shady place in a yacht can help you avoid falling ill and enjoy the ride. It would be best to prevent boat rides during the summer in the sultry heat of Dubai that can worsen your condition. Thus, spring is the appropriate time for a boat ride for pregnant women. Book a private charter in Dubai today.


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