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La Mer – Dubai’s New Yacht Destination

La Mer – Dubai’s New Yacht Destination


There is a trendy new beachfront hangout in Dubai that attracted tons of tourists over the summer. La Mer is a completely refurbished stretch of waterfront at Jumeirah 1, overlooking onto the pristine Arabian Gulf waters. The area has been designed specifically to give a Californian beach style. Seven Yachts will further give you an insight on the reasons why La Mer is the next popular destination this summer.

Unique Design

La Mer is the latest Dubai project from Meeras, which has its specialty in designing exquisite and appealing developments. At La Mer, they have skillfully implemented wrinkled structures to give the area an eccentric atmosphere. This involves driftwood, rusted anchors, barrels, rope and other objects often found washed up on the shore. The entire boxy architecture of the buildings, with slate and steel frames moderated by light wood, plus street art, murals and the bold shop branding brings an LA feel to the place.

The Beachfront

The area harbors a range of beach beds put beneath red parasols and are spread along the sand on South Beach and North Beach. There are rentals for sunbeds and bathhouses to sightseers. Alongside, there are fresh towels, day rooms and motorized watersports at South Beach. The location has recently become popular for luxury yacht cruise across the pristine shore

Toilets, showers and baby changing amenities are housed inside candy-colored beach huts that sit at the top of the sand, some of which contain day rooms for hire.

Vast Water Activities

The region equally works as a cool place to hang out with friends, spend time with family or enjoy a romantic evening meal overlooking the stunning Dubai coast.

There is a range of aquatic activities catered towards families and individuals. This includes Jet ski, Kayaking, Paddleboard and much more. Kid-friendly features are also available like a wooden galleon climbing frame, adventure playground, picnic tables, ice cream stands, helium balloon sellers and welcoming cafes.

Restaurant Hub

La Mer is an evening destination as well as a daytime hangout. There’s a nice atmosphere at sunset when the sky starts to darken and the restaurants start to fill up with hungry diners. There are many snacking and dining options, including street food trucks serving up Lebanese food, Turkish and more. The must-visit eateries include dedicated gelato shop Amorino selling a mouth-watering range of gourmet flavors, Aprons and Hammers if you like your seafood fresh from the shell.


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