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Make your New Year Memorable on a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Make your New Year Memorable on a Luxury Yacht in Dubai


The new year marks the start of yet another life cycle. In most of the culture and traditions, it is celebrated as a festival. The celebrations start from the mid Night at 12 on 31st December and are carried forward through to the first day of the New Year. Visits from friend and family, parties and prayers for happiness, peace, success, and prosperity are some activities that have come to define the beginning of another year. The New Year celebrations are one thing, but when it is celebrated in Dubai, then it is another thing altogether. One of the unique spots to mark the start of the year in Dubai is in a Luxury Yacht.

Why should you hire luxury yachts for New Year’s celebrations?

Enjoy the Fireworks Display from Different Locations

Dubai is full of awesome sites. Every celebration held in Dubai is sure to amaze anyone. And New Year’s is not an exception. Try spending the new year on a yacht away from all the hustle of the city in the calm silent waters of the ocean. From the ocean at the comfort of your yacht, you are ideally on the front row seat for the incredible fireworks that mark the start of the year in Dubai. The Yacht provides a 360-degree view of the fireworks display. Experience what the Dubai landmarks have in store for you on that day. Whether it’s the Burj Al Arab or the Burj Khalifa after which the party goes on in the yacht.

Privacy and Exclusivity

You may be a family or a group of friends who want to usher in the new year in private. In Dubai, millions of people come out in large numbers and converge in the public streets for festive celebrations. Every one of them eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of the ever exciting fireworks display. For the best-uninterrupted view of the fireworks, you should hire a luxury yacht. The gives you front row offshore views with private entertainment and leisure facilities. Apart from the view, you get to have fresh, delicious food prepared by world-class chefs.

Luxury Yachts are the go-to spots for New Year’s celebrations. From exclusivity and privacy to the views guaranteed, a yacht new year should be on your list of activities every year. And especially in Dubai, because everything is awesome in Dubai.


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