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Points to Keep in Mind Before Chartering a Yacht

Points to Keep in Mind Before Chartering a Yacht


Chartering a yacht for an exotic holiday with loved ones can be the most thrilling and exciting trip you have ever had. It is the pinnacle of luxury on the sea. But if not done right, a yacht tour in Dubai can end up becoming a nightmare considering service price. Don’t worry; we got you covered with tips to help you have a smooth sailing yacht vacation with the least hassle. Never forget that the rules of a charter holiday are way more diverse than a regular holiday. In this case, be rest assured that your broker is going to be the final highway in between you and a spectacular holiday. You have to make sure to always use this to the fullest. From the first moment you start planning the trip, don’t forget to consult and communicate with the broker about your needs, the number of people, the budget for different yachts, the kind of activities you want to indulge in, and other concerns. Remember, your broker is here solely for you to navigate through the entire negotiation and contractual process alongside inspecting and finding out more about the yachts and the captain and crew. Here are some basic pointers you should check before you proceed.


The first aspect that demands clarity is the budget of the vacation you intend to take. The budget depends on various factors, such as if the trip is a family event or a corporate one. A relaxation vacation will have different expenditure, from one with adventure and filled with exploring and activities or a mix of both. Know what you want and need to avoid incurring unnecessary extra costs. Remember to estimate your budget after counting in additional costs like fuel, food, crew, or even tariff.

Number of Guests

The primary focus of having a chartered yacht is to provide your guests with top-tier luxury. Absolutely everything relies on this headcount, do make sure it is near to precise, in the least. The number of guests you will have onboard will help finalize the type of boat you will be taking, the number of crew members you will need, the food expenses, and everything else. In short, your entire budget estimation will require the nearest accurate knowledge of the members of this trip if you don’t want unnecessary embarrassment caused by the shortage of food or provisions.


Another major factor determining your budget estimate is the kind of activities you will choose to participate in. Yachts offer a wide range of activities to indulge yourself in. If you want to make full use of being just in the middle of the sea, there are the options of jet ski, fishing, paddleboards, and snorkeling, to name a few. You can also have a lavish cocktail party with dance and music or even a long spa day. Communicate with your guests to know their picks beforehand and inform the crew members so they can arrange accordingly.

Destination and Route

Destination and Route

Something that will drastically impact your budget will be the destination and route you intend to partake. The reason behind this is that fuel price is always calculated over the base price of the yacht. It means that what you plan to do on your time onboard will determine how much fuel you require. If you plan to visit many destinations, your fuel charge will be way steeper than someone who will opt for simply fishing in a common area. Make sure to discuss your plans with the crew. They will adjust your time allotted and assign you an itinerary.


The entire experience you have in this vacation will come down to the kind of service you will be greeted with those few days, starting from food to music. It should be of primary importance to ensure that the crew is well trained, decent, and professional. Not only is this about the service, but it is also extensively about the safety and privacy concerns of the passengers onboard. In no circumstance should that be compromised upon. To have the most memorable and fun-filled vacation in Dubai Marina with yacht rental, it is always advisable to have the crew and captain share a part of your vision so that they can provide you with the very best.


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