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Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing a Yacht for Your Birthday

Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing a Yacht for Your Birthday


A yacht rental may seem like a great idea for a relaxing vacation or a fun lavish party, but it might be difficult to choose the right one. Organizing a birthday bash on a yacht is a brilliant idea, but it works if it’s done right. The yacht rentals will offer a diverse selection of yachts that can provide a one-of-a-kind experience. However, don’t forget to ask your yacht rental agency whether they’ll be willing to assist you in planning your special day; if yes, how will they execute it.

On your celebration boat hire, a reputable boat rental agency and charter business will arrange the décor, provide the food and drinks, and plan the itinerary for your guests, among other services. Below is a list of must-ask questions for your Yacht charter Dubai if you want to organize a bash.

How Many Guests Can They Accommodate?

Ideally, a small boat should be enough for you if you want to spend some time alone. You should converse with your boat rental services to know how much space you will need to hire if you wish to host a full-blown birthday party. Tell your boat rental company how many guests you expect and let them offer you a great deal.

Which Boat Would Be Ideal for Your Set-Up?

Motor yachts and sailing yachts are two types of yachts. A motor yacht is a great option for zipping around the water. If you wish to enjoy a peaceful cruise, a cruise boat would be a better choice.

Do You Provide Onboard Services?

Depending on your needs, you can choose between skippered and bareboat yachts. Considering that most bareboat yachts no longer have a crew, they are ideal for people who prefer to spend time alone. Skippered boat rentals for birthday parties are an excellent alternative for birthday events as a full team can take care of all your needs on board.

Do You Provide Onboard Services?

How Many in the Crew Onboard and Their Roles?

If your event is attended by a significant number of people, you will need to assemble a huge team. Renting a party boat gives you access to personnel with years of experience and will cater to all your needs onboard. It’s always better to ask prior about the team and their roles in advance to understand if they’ll be enough for your ideal party and the number of guests.

Where Can I Take the Boat?

Be sure to investigate the locations where you could take the boat. It would be best to discuss the distance you could travel by your boat before organizing the bash.


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