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Summer is the perfect time to charter a yacht

Summer is the perfect time to charter a yacht


The land of deluxe skyscrapers, luxuriant hotels, appealing ambiance, ultra-chic resorts, exotic cuisines and the list is endless. Yes, we’re talking about Dubai. The perfect getaway for your summer vacation. Dubai is a global city and is famous for its architectural wonders which continue to amaze both locals and tourists.

Benefits of Chartering During the Summer

But one of the unmissable highlights of the city is exploring it on a yacht. A private yacht gives you the time to explore the city on water, at your own pace, without being rushed by panicky tour guides or awaiting your turn on packed ferries

Nothing beats the luxury, comfort and privacy of having a private yacht to oneself.

They’re known for their great weather, light breeze, warm seas. It is a misconception that it is very hot for yachting in the summers. But the temperature remains well moderated by the water. If you go yachting in the summers, it lets you admire the beauty from a distance and also gives you a chance to take a dip in the crystal clear water. Not to mention the chance to bask in the sun and get you that perfect tan.

Summertime & Water Sports

There are a wide variety of water sports that can be clubbed with chartering a yacht to make your trip exciting and adventurous. After a tranquil experience on the yacht, one longs for some daredevil action.  Jet skiing offers you the thrills of piercing through the water making it nothing less than an adrenaline rush. Another such activity which promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience to all fearless adventure seekers is a sea-bob which is an electric scooter that can be used both above and below water. Fishing too, is a leisure activity which can be done from the comfort of your yacht. So, you can enjoy a good catch in the backdrop of the setting summer sun.

Everyone looks forward to the lazy, laid-back summers like kids do. Every kid would love to run carefree on a private yacht on a hot sunny day or the chance to build sand castles on the beach or dress up as swashbuckling pirates or princesses and play treasure hunts, walk the plank and sword fight. While on a yacht, the kids can also get a chance to swim and splash around in water.

So this summer season, young or old, get ready for some fun-in-the-sun on a yacht.


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