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Ten Events to Plan on a Yacht

Ten Events to Plan on a Yacht


A yacht ride can be thrilling if you plan it well. While you can go for a yacht ride casually, you can also rent a yacht in Dubai for a party. Yacht rentals are quite popular in Dubai and have a lot to offer in terms of adventure. However, which parties are perfect for planning on a yacht? Of course, a business meeting wouldn’t be suitable as a yacht event. Thus, it is crucial to understand where you must host a party. However, if you are in Dubai, you can plan almost all occasions on a yacht. Here are some of the most important events to plan on a rental yacht in Dubai. Read on to know more about how to arrange them.

Engagement Parties

Engagement parties make for some thrill and adventure. Imagine how wonderful will it be to exchange rings with your life partner on a yacht, sailing over the deep blue waters. The ambiance, the music, and the surroundings can take your engagement party a notch higher. Yacht engagement parties are highly recommended if you plan to have an extraordinary engagement. Remember, everyone, hosts a party in banquets. So, what can be different about your party? Of course, the yacht!

New Year Party

Bored of the usual new year parties and want to try something different? You can go for a rental yacht in that case. New year parties on a yacht have become increasingly famous as it lets you spend time with your near and dear ones without sharing the space with others. This might not be the case in restaurants or other public places that may be teeming with people on New Year’s Eve. Thus, a yacht New Year party can help you ring in the new year in style, yet secluded from crowded places.

Iftar Parties

Though Iftar yacht parties are rare, you can definitely consider it. While most prefer celebrating Eid and hosting Iftar parties at home, a yacht Iftar party can be exciting. Watch the moon shine brightly above the sparkling blue waters as you sail on your yacht. You must instruct the staff to stack the yacht’s kitchen with overflowing snacks and drinks. You must also ensure you set a specific menu for your guests. Additionally, look into the decorations and make sure your yacht looks vibrant.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? Hosting the party all by yourself and attending the kids individually can be a challenging task. How do you keep them engaged? Have you planned exciting games? You can get rid of all the hassle by hosting a yacht birthday party. The staff takes care of all the requirements and ensures tons of exciting yet safe activities for your kid and their friends. Additionally, hosting a yacht birthday party is already exciting for the children, and you need not do much to keep them engaged.


There are several kinds of parties you can host while availing yacht rental service in Dubai. You must book a yacht according to the nature of your party and the number of guests. Remember, the number of guests determines the size of your yacht. If you plan to host a party on a rental yacht, make sure you make the bookings in advance as yacht parties are pretty popular and tend to remain booked during the peak seasons.


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