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Top 9 Tips for Preventing Sea Sickness in Yacht

Top 9 Tips for Preventing Sea Sickness in Yacht


When you rent a yacht in Dubai you should think about seasickness. Motion sickness or seasickness is caused when the balance is disrupted in the body due to certain motions. The rocking of a yacht is a common cause of this issue which can cause nausea and vomiting. The modern yachts have installed many stabilizers and several other features that reduce this sort or movements which can cause sea sickness. However, if you still feel dizzy on board, here are a few tips which can help you avoid sea sickness in the yacht.

1. Avoid Caffeine

Don’t drink caffeine for at least a day before going on a trip. When you drink a high amount of caffeine you might temporarily experience a headache that you won’t want if you are feeling seasick.

2. No Oily Food

Don’t eat oily and acidic foods. Eat something light one hour before the yacht leaves which means that your abdomen has something to process. Avoid salad dressings as they often times contain vinegar, which can make you seasick. If it is breakfast time simple foods such as porridge and cereal are superior to a traditional heavy egg and omelet. Ginger is also proficient at stopping sea sickness and can become a cure.

3. Avoid Alcohol

We advise to evade alcohol the night before going on a trip. If you’re on a luxury yacht it’s wise to hold back until you get back on land.

4. Take Rest

An excellent night’s rest before a vessel trip can help. It’s difficult if you are stressed about being seasick, but resting can help. Try to reach the boat calm and getting excited about the trip alternatively than dreading it.

5. Stay in Fresh Air

Stay in an area with lots of oxygen and color but be sure to do not get too hot and take sips of normal water to avoid dehydration.

6. Stay Away from Engine

Please ensure to avoid staying in the engine area where diesel fumes are present, and when you are on a smaller fishing boat avoid giving the engine operating unnecessarily.

7. Keep Your Equipment in Right Place

If you’re on a sports fishing trip or sailing, place your equipment ideally on deck before leaving, thereby reducing the quantity of time put in below deck or looking in lockers, where you can’t predict the boat’s motions. Remember that the sailboat will move even though stationary, especially if people and equipment have been loaded at exactly the same time. In the event that you do have to go below do not get sidetracked.

8. Sail in a Broad Reach

If you’re sailing, with the wind flow via behind the fishing boat, is most probably to cause seasickness as this aspect of sailing has undoubtedly the greatest moving action. Instead, sail a wide reach that may take longer but could be more comfortable.

9. Evade Reading

Once sailing, don’t read, use binoculars or cameras for a longer time. Avoid looking at things that the human brain would consider normally steady, such as surfaces and furniture


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