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Types of Yachts and How to Charter the Best

Types of Yachts and How to Charter the Best


Yacht cruising is a popular adventure that generally finds a place in anyone’s wish list. In order to meet the growing demand for this fantastic experience, there have been a tremendous rise in the variety and number of service providers in the market. However, choosing the right yacht requires a very fundamental knowledge of the basic types. Here is a foundational guide to know the main classifications of yachts.

Sailing Yachts

With its origin from the classic sailboats, sailing yachts are majorly propelled by wind power using the sails. Its predominant traditional style makes it the best choice for natural sailing lovers. However, most vessels hold low power combustion engines for additional support. They are characterized by keels that balance sideways motions and maintains forward motion. Generally, they comprise less interior volume. But with the advent of modern technological advancements, various modern sailing yachts are equipped with spacious accommodation, enhanced crew services, and luxury living amenities.

Motor Yachts

These are the most widely available form of yachts based on the propulsion using one or more motors. They exhibit a spacious on-board area and are available in various shapes and styles. Motor yachts have become a popular choice for yacht charter vacations with its trendy and convenient form of functioning. With the advanced control over propelling speed offered by motors, motor yachts are the best choices for thrilling experience across the waters. The extensive internal and external volume permits these yachts to have ample amenities such as swimming pools and entertainment systems. The wide variety of motor yachts in the market offer plenty of choices based on their accommodation capacity.

Motor Yachts

Gulet/Hybrid Yachts

As the name suggests, hybrid yachts function on more than one source of power. They are equipped with hybrid propulsion systems to control the vessel, either using battery or engine power. This enables a reduction of carbon footprint and provides a sailing experience with minimal impact on the environment. They are also specifically designed for maximum stability, making hybrid yachts a perfect sailing vessel for people prone to seasickness.

In Conclusion

Further, there are various classifications and types of yachts based on yacht designs and extended functionality such as sporting, racing, hosting luxury events, and fishing. With design advancements provided by architectural technologies, yachts varieties have further widened to include large Tri-deck and Mega yachts that beat luxury party halls in space. However, there are a few essential points to consider to choose the correct yacht type based on your sailing need. Before chartering a yacht, identify your sailing motive, determine your accommodation requirement, and list out the amenities you need.


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