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Ultimate Playlist to Play at Your Next Boat Party

Ultimate Playlist to Play at Your Next Boat Party


Boating or boat parties are so much fun! Whether it’s a summer party, a family fun night, an intimate celebration or just a bunch of friends letting their hair down. Boating doesn’t need a reason, but it certainly needs a playlist to work magic, especially at parties. Get a yacht rental Dubai for your next outing with your friends, and we’ll suggest the best boat playlist that will be the perfect partner mood setter and will razz up your scene. Now, we all know there are thousands of songs of different genres. While this list is not certified as best playlists but it’s certainly the trendsetters for boating, and you won’t stop humming or grooving to it.


What is boating if not an escape where you shed all your baggage of life and enjoy every moment? Our first song suggestion is “Kokomo” by Beach Boys. Yes, we’ve all heard it, and no one can stop you from being drawn to the Caribbean steel drums. A perfect start to your boating trip.

Five O’clock Somewhere

Tell me a better way to kickstart your party if not to this song on your boat playing out loud, “It’s five O’clock somewhere” by Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet. Play this song to blow life at your party!

Rock the Boat

Keep the buzz going with the beats of “Rock the boat” by Hues Corporation. Get rocking!

Surfin USA

There is nothing quite like a throwback hit from the Beach Boys, especially when summer is just around the corner. You won’t be able to stop tapping your feet when this song starts, and you’ll try to match its beat. A wave of energy will hit the crowd with this song playing out loud. “Surfin USA” by Beach Boys is a must-play song.

Surfin USA

Sunshine & Summertime

Where are all the ladies at? This song is a groovy feel-good number, let loose and get on your moves. “Sunshine & Summertime” is an upbeat song by Faith hill. Get ready for an epic boat party with cold colas and beers.

Soak Up the Sun

“Soak up the sun” By Sheryl Crow is a must add to your playlist, and everyone lightens up when Sheryl Crow sings it at you. Get your cocktails and soak the sun while having fun.

Yellow Submarine

“Yellow Submarine” by Beatles will get everyone jamming together; it’s a perfect singalong boating song. One of the famous songs of the Beatles.

Into the Mystic

End it with a hit note, a nice laid back song that makes you feel like you are floating and in love with the universe, a piece that is perfect for the end. The amazing melody and evocative lyrics of “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison will make you feel like you are in a movie.

Making a playlist is often tricky because everyone’s tastes differ these are some upbeat, melodic, feel-good numbers that will certainly keep your party alive, and you’ll have the time of your life. The only thing you’ve got to do is check out the best yacht rental Dubai.


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