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Ways to Cook Fish When Sailing on Your Chartered Yacht

Ways to Cook Fish When Sailing on Your Chartered Yacht


What suits better than some well-cooked fish on a yacht? Fish preparations help you witness the authentic flavor of the sea while you sail to different places on your boat charter in Dubai. Unlike the popular myth, cooking fish is pretty easy. You need not spend a lot of time or have considerable culinary skills to prepare a perfectly cooked fish dish. Here are some of the easiest yet most favorite ways to cook fish while you sail. These dishes enhance your sailing experience while ensuring you do not have to stand by the oven for too long. You can easily spend a few minutes and get a spectacular dish ready. Remember, it would be best to select dishes that you can cook with any fish as the options might be limited while sailing.

Butter Fry

Butter Fry is one of the easiest recipes and perfect for people who are not very keen on cooking while sailing on a yacht. However, this does not compromise its taste as butter-fried fish is the simplest yet the tastiest dish you can make. All you need to do is rub your fillet with some salt, garlic, and pepper and saute it in some batter. The crispy skin outside the fillet with a velvety texture is to die for. Butterfish can serve as a hot snack on a yacht charter. It also saves a lot of time, and you can avoid spending hours preparing it.

Sliced Sashimi

If you are fond of sushi or raw fish, sashimi can serve as the best meal for you. Sashimi is famous because of its easy recipe. You need not look for too many ingredients and make sashimi of most fish available. Thus, be it on a boat charter in Dubai Marina or elsewhere, you can always prepare sashimi and enjoy its rustic flavors while you sail across the sea. All you need to do is prepare some condiments and slice your fish. Sashimi is consumed raw, and you need not fry or bake the fish, which saves a lot of time. It also gives you an authentic taste of the sea, enhancing your experience.

Baked Fish

Baked fish is quite famous amongst most tourists, especially on a yacht. This recipe is packed with flavors and loaded with cheese, making it a favorite amongst children too. You can marinate your fish in garlic and other spices and coat it with cheese. Pop it into the oven to get a golden-brown crust and cut it to expose the beauty. Baked fish is combined with a side of vegetables that make it a whole meal. Thus, if you are preparing baked fish, you need not worry about preparing any other dish to go with it.

Baked Fish

Battered Fish

What suits a drink better than a plate of crispy battered fish? Battered fish hardly takes 3-4 minutes to cook. You must dip the choice of fish into a corn flour batter and deep fry it. Though the dish might be high in calories, it is one of the best bets on a yacht rental in Dubai. Pair this dish with some mustard or tartar sauce dip to unleash the authentic flavors. Battered fish is also easy to prepare and hence quite popular amongst beginners or people who want to try out cooking fish for the first time.

Pan-Fried Fish

There’s nothing to not like about pan-fried fish. The soft white texture of the fish, tossed in the sauce of your choice, makes it a favorite dish on a yacht. The dish takes around 3-4 minutes to prepare. Thus, you need not spend a lot of time or effort to prepare this dish. You can cut your fish into small dice and fry each side till they are soft and tender. You can also add a dash of soy or fish sauce to pack flavor in every mouthful of the dish.


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