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Yacht Etiquette: 6 Rules to Follow

Yacht Etiquette: 6 Rules to Follow


At least once in your life, you must charter a yacht out into the ocean and experience the magic of open waters. You can rent yachts for corporate events, private events, or even for destination getaways. When you get some free time from your busy schedule in the UAE, you can voyage on a yacht to spend your holiday in style. It is however imperative to understand that yachts present an entirely different social environment than city life. Therefore, as a gentleman, it is essential to follow a certain etiquette onboard a yacht, and many of the people are not aware of these simple rules.

Home away from home

It can be a daunting feeling to get onboard a yacht for the first time, and you may be very out of place. You must try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the great time planned for you. The crew and your friends want you to be as comfortable as possible, so they can have a memorable trip on high seas. You can help by being yourself and treating the yacht just like your own home, only that it is way better.

Give respect where it is due

The captain and crew on board a yacht are qualified and skilled at what they do. You must treat them like highly valued employees as they have a hectic job taking care of your company. Give them the respect they deserve because they work hard at keeping everything tidy, making sure the yacht is in working order and taking care of your every requirement.

Keep the yacht clean

When you are on the water, you must be especially careful of throwing waste off the deck. Even on the yacht, make sure that the crew is aware of any unfortunate incidents as they can help in cleaning up. Let the crew work on keeping the yacht in top shape and do not interfere with their business.

Bring suitable luggage

Most yachts are not known to have a significant amount of storage space. So, before you think of bringing along your hard-sided suitcase, understand that it might not be appropriate. You can help by bringing with you soft luggage which will be easy to store and also accessible at all times.

Pay attention to safety briefings

The captain and the crew have the prime responsibility of keeping you safe and making sure you have a pleasant trip. They take it very seriously, and you must pay attention to every word that is spoken during the safety briefings as it might mean the difference between life and death. The crew will explain about lifejackets and life rafts as it is a requirement of insurance and maritime laws.

Be within legal limits

You will most probably have a party on board the yacht, and people might get foggy ideas about breaking the law. These are murky waters, and the tolerance level for illegal activities aboard a yacht is zero. The penalty for this can begin with the seizing the yacht, losing the license and jail time for those involved. A gentleman does not look good in a fluorescent orange prison jumpsuit.


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