Top 5 Yachts to Charter in Dubai

Dubai has ascended to be one most desired destination in any traveler’s bucket list. With the Palm yacht destination being one of the world’s first Man-made wonders, nothing can prepare you for a complete visit to this striking city wrapped in profound traditions, pristine beaches, and exotic wildlife. The thrill of traveling has developed on a new […]

5 Best Yacht Destinations Based in Dubai

The rise of Dubai from a barren desert land to one of the most visited cities in the world cannot be understated. As an ostentatious urban metropolitan, there are no shortage of high-rise buildings or extravagant shopping malls in this tourist paradise. The Emirate, however, not just about the towering high-rise structures, the city is […]

Five Elements to Consider When Renting a Yacht in Dubai

When deciding to charter a yacht for your holiday in Dubai, there are several factors you should consider. Unlike in the past, where information on such things was limited; today, there are countless sources from where you can get the required information. In this article, we list certain essential elements that should be considered before […]

What To Expect On A Luxury Yacht Vacation

A yacht vacation is truly a unique and magical experience. However, a private yacht charter is very distinctive from a cruise ship vacation. Dubai is one the major hubs to charter top luxury yachts. The experience of chartering is like embracing a healthy new habit that you’ll never be able to break from. This is the opportunity […]

Four Engaging Water Sport Activities to Try This Summe

Dubai summers are known to be hottest in the Middle Eastern region. What better way to cool of the brutal heat than to indulge in some exciting new watersports. Make most of out of the vast Dubai coastline waters with these high-end popular water sports that elevate your vacation to a much thrilling experience! The […]

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht

Many people in Dubai love to visit the beaches and go on a fishing trip in a yacht. However, tourists are unaware of the techniques through which they can catch a fish. If you have chartered a boat to go offshore and deep fishing for snapper, blackfin tuna, or blue marlin, you must know the […]

The Leading 10 Luxury Yachts Worldwide

A luxury yacht is not only a mode to commute, but also a sign of status that it can only be enjoyed by the wealthiest billionaires. These yachts deliver lavish amenities such as theaters, numerous pools, and concert halls. The yacht rental prices are incomparable. They have high-tech apparatus, and world-class innovation in the day […]

Top 9 Tips for Preventing Sea Sickness in Yacht

When you rent a yacht in Dubai you should think about seasickness. Motion sickness or seasickness is caused when the balance is disrupted in the body due to certain motions. The rocking of a yacht is a common cause of this issue which can cause nausea and vomiting. The modern yachts have installed many stabilizers and several […]

Guidelines for a BBQ on a Yacht

No experience can beat that of sailing through the sea whilst enjoying freshly barbecued meat. There is nothing more delightful than having to chew on succulent meat while cruising through the beautiful waters in your luxury yacht charter Dubai. That being said, you need to be very cautious when grilling on the yacht, or you […]

9 Essential Health Benefits of Yacht Sailing

Whether you’re sailing on a yacht to relax or driving at high rates of speed against different motorboats, sailing is definitely a brilliant activity for your overall health and fitness. You will be controlling a huge vessel, but at the same time, you’re looking continuously to nature’s most beautiful components, that can be a strong […]